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Personal Safety Training for Social Workers



Personal Safety Training  Social workers, crisis workers, and community support workers routinely find themselves faced with difficult and potentially dangerous situations. Sometimes they are confronted with life-threatening circumstances. The risk of becoming a sexual assault victim, a hostage or even a homicide victim is ever present.  My training will help you to avoid these kinds of traumatic experiences. 

This program was approved by the National Association of Social Workers ( provider # 886395277) for 6.5 continuing education contact hours! This program is approved by the State of Maine and meets their requirements for MHRT certification. Check out the state's web site at:


Workplace Safety Should Be A Priority!

Trouble Happens !

  • Monmouth, Maine Jerzy Sidor, 43, was shot to death in his own driveway by a state trooper as he was attacked by Sidor wielding a 3 foot long sword.  The police were there to take Sidor into protective custody and delivery him to AMHI for a psychiatric evaluation. They were accompanied by a crisis worker from Lewiston.
  • Barnstead, New Hampshire In April of 2000, a child support officer, Beverly MacQuarrie, received 14 threatening telephone calls from Jesse Page, 37. MacQuarrie, a 23-year veteran of support services, had been trying to collect child support payments from Page at the time of the threats. Fortunately, Page was arrested before he could carry out any of his threats.
  • Brunswick, Maine-
    IN 2004 the Sweetser facility had its windows shot out as were the windows in a transport van. An ACT member was also shot at. This occurred in broad daylight and the suspect is a client of theirs.

The Training This day long workshop incorporates both didactic and experiential learning. The first half of the training is designed to create a new and safer mind set for field workers. One that will keep them ever mindful of the risks involved and how to keep themselves from becoming a victim.  The second half of the day is for martial arts training. This passive yet effective form of self-defense empowers women and men of all capabilities. Read what some of the participants said about this valuable training at my web site: www.social-work-safety.comCall me today for the next training date of this very  valuable training:  207.373.1480 or email me @ mark@social-work-safety.com

 Some Key Benefits

  • Feel empowered!
  • Learn how to avoid becoming a victim.
  • Learn how to keep yourself and your clients safe!

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Online Personal Safety Awareness Training Course for Social Workers and Case Managers.

Earn Six Contact Hours from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace!

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